Cabinet Hardware

The type of cabinet hardware that you choose for your custom cabinets can be the most important factor in the overall look of your finished cabinets. The choice of door hinges, pulls, handles, etc. can seem overwhelming at times. However, the choice to use quality hardware products is the most important one. If the quality of the hardware is not there, then the appearance will not matter very much, since you will be dissatisfied with your choice due to poor performance and longevity.


That is why we provide only the highest quality hardware, with a wide variety of styles, metal, design and long lasting performance. Our hardware vendors are among the best known for their reputations in offering high quality and performance with a wide variety of designs.


There are many different basic styles of cabinet handles and pulls. Whether your cabinets lend themselves to traditional, art deco, mission style, celtic, retro, rustic, or even steam punk is a decision that is made by you, with advice and recommendations from us. These are just to name a few of your choices, there are many others. Choosing from among the many other styles, such as crafstman, cottage, French country, colonial, shabby chic, art nouveau (and many more) may seem overwhelming at first, but we will help you to choose the right hardware to accent your cabinets to perfection.


Choosing the right finish for your cabinet hardware for your new custom cabinets adds another level of design element that can really make a difference in the finished product.. Depending upon the basic color of hardware that you desire, you can then choose among finishes such as bronze, copper, brass, silver, pewter, wrought iron, porcelain, and even wood, Specific options for antique, hammered or smooth, satin, etc. can be considered among the many available options.

Hardware samples