Quality Custom Cabinets in Nashville

Custom cabinets are a great space-saver. It is very important to make a functional space with all the possible options explored. With the help of various designs and colors, you can give a unique and comfortable look to your home or office. You can also use various accessories to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, or office. When decorating or renovating our homes, one should purchase the best possible items for the purpose of decorating. Custom cabinets are available in wood, glass, and metal. However, we deal only in the wood variety.

Wood Selection

There are over nine wood species, 120 door styles and 600 color options available in the custom cabinet market. You can find many wood species in a distinctive style and finishes such as oak, maple, cherry, craft wood, rustic, beech, alder, etc. There are many traditional, country and latest door styles, cupboard style; drawer boxes are available with wide range of varieties.

Nashville Custom Cabinets offers handcrafted cabinetry from the most useful raw materials. Depending on price point, you will find that most kitchen cabinets are offered in many different materials. Very rarely, one can find cabinets which are made completely out of solid wood, with wood veneer being far more common due to the savings in costs. When making renovations or for a new kitchen, you should look for top-quality production. There are no standard sizes in cabinets, but depth, height, and width can be adjusted to fit.If choosing semi-custom cabinetry, just remember it doesn't offer the same kind of flexibility in various sizes, colors, and options. A semi-custom cabinet gives much lower quality and comes at a mid range price.


Understanding the differences and qualities of each accessory can help in determining which is right for you. Top notch accessories are matchless in helping you to create the most beautiful living environments in your home.

Construction Materials

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), particleboard, and plywood are considered as a solid wood which is covered with paint or veneer. While purchasing quality custom cabinets, you should take care of high-quality material like MDF (medium density fiberboard). It is made up of fine components and has a smoother and cleaner surface. Particleboards or MDFs are used to increase the quality of mid-level products, giving them greater dimensional stability, and high tensile strength for toughness. These are also used to reduce product cost, and it is cheaper than plywood. Particleboard and MDF are hygroscopic and have swelling and humidity characteristics.

Finish and Other Factors

Wood finish is the main factor of quality in choosing your cabinet accessories. Today it is a big challenge to find high-quality custom cabinets in Nashville, as there are many different products in the market. You can find the best quality by researching and working with us to design your perfect custom cabinet solution. Hardware that has a soft close action and full extension is ideal for an upgrade that will pay off for you for years to come. Furniture grade plywood with “to inch” construction is perfect for high-quality cabinets. Cabinet faces, doors, and drawers should be made from solid wood. Nashville Custom Cabinets offers a wide selection of high-quality wood such as oak, maple, cherry, and walnut - at a great price!